A 4-year-old Samaria Motyka from Pennsylvania was found unresponsive on Friday in a hot car after being left in the car by her baby sitter. Authorities say that the baby sitter went to the gym to go workout and left the child in the back seat. She supposedly forgot to drop the 4-year-old off at daycare.

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The child was left in the car from the morning up until about 3:30pm according to police. Emergency personnel removed the child from the car and administered first aid, but she was pronounced dead upon her arrival to Williamsport Regional Medical Center.

Apparently, the sitter, who’s identity has not been released, is close to the Samaria Motyka’s family. Authorities are waiting on a toxicology report of both the girl and the babysitter, before deciding whether or not to file charges.

It’s been reported that the temperature reached 97 degrees in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, just after 4:00pm on Friday.

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