A source close to ChyRo has given a rather reasonable explanation as to why Rob Kardashian recently wiped his Instagram clean of Blac Chyna. Social media went crazy thinking he and soon to be wife, Blac Chyna had split. According to the source this is not the case and the two are still going strong. The two did reportedly have a little set back but they are still at it.

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The source says,

“Rob and [Blac Chyna] have been getting into little tiffs and Blac Chyna flipped on Rob. He was so pissed at how she spoke to him, so he deleted everything about her to hurt her.”

The source also added that Chyna has been very paranoid about Rob cheating due to pass experiences.

“Rob has never cheated on her, but she is very paranoid about that from past experiences,”

Apparently the two are okay now. We are all definitely rooting for ChyRo so lets hope the madness is over.

Source: Complex