Yeah, you read it right, Lesnar is facing no punishment from the WWE for his failed UFC drug tests at UFC 200.

According to sources (they know everything don’t they), the sometimes WWE fighter does not qualify for any punishment because he is not a full-time employee. Oh, I get it, it’s like benefits at your job…or in this case…anti-benefits. Full-time WWE wrestlers allegedly “fight” somewhere near 200 matches a year (which is insane), where Brock hasn’t even had 20 in the last 3. Sounds unfair right? Hey, it is what it is, right? Catch Brock next month at Summer Slam, August 21st. SMH.

I’m still trying to understand how he wasn’t notified until after the fight of his drug results and poor Jon Jones was disqualified prior to the fight and left weeping on stage.

SMH…what are your thoughts?