Allegedly Edelman has been off and on (which translates to regular booty calls) with Swedish model Ella Rose…who just happens to be 5 months pregnant. Guess who she claims her baby-daddy is? Yup!!

Rose has filed documents in court claiming that he’s the dad…which I never really understood how that works…I mean, the baby’s not here, sooooo how can you ask for support? I’m not going to go too deep on this…let’s just say that Edelman’s camp is quiet, and he’s off trying to explain all this to Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima who he’s said to have been courting lately.

Guess it will all play out just in time for the new season. Go Patriots…Tom Brady’s not the only one with deflated balls…lol…get it? Cause Edelman’s got a baby on the way so his balls are deflated because…never mind.