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PartyNextDoor has been claiming he was born in 1993, thus making him 23-years-old right now – but he might actually be WAY older than that. Some sleuths on the Kanyetothe message board have done some digging, and it’s looking like our guy might actually be 31. Now, that’s by no means old, nor would it have been a bad thing…except it’s SUPER weird and corny that someone would cut his age by 8 years. Also, some people gave him a pass for the Kehlani debacle because he’s “young and immature,” but that pass certainly gets revoked for a 31-year-old.

“RnB sensation Jahron Brathwaite, more famously known as PARTYNEXTDOOR, is a very talented musician who slaved under the OVO sweatshop,” the user who came with the receipts wrote. “Before taking up the moniker, he ingeniously came up with Jahron B. (a play off his real name) and spent many years attempting to blow up. A lot of you may have known this by now. What you didn’t know is that he was brought up pretending to be 8 years younger than his actual age.”

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In the gallery, they provide a photo from what’s reportedly a 1985 yearbook, a screengrab of an old Soundclick page that lists his age as 31, and a photo reportedly taken in 2009, where PND looks MUCH older than 16 – which he would be if he was really born in 1993. However, there’s no proof the yearbook was from 85 (and honestly the clothes look like late 90s/early 00s,) that Soundclick page could have been made by someone else, and even though he looks older in the 2009 photo (if that’s when it was even taken,) that doesn’t mean he wasn’t really 16. I’m undecided here – what do you think?