TBS is currently working on a new scripted series that will be centralized around Biggie lyrics. Thats pretty dope if you ask me. According to TBS, the show ‘Think B.I.G.’ is a series followed by the “misadventures of an inner-city teen” who is trying to provide a better life for his young daughter and infant son.

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The show will be a comedy with plot lines that come straight from some of Biggie’s most classic lyrics. Brett Weitz, TBS’s executive vice president of original programming says,

“Storyville and Think B.I.G. speak to the types of projects we will cultivate with Mass Appeal moving forward. Mass Appeal is a leader in developing unique stories with diverse voices. There’s no better partner for us to connect with this vibrant, impassioned audience.”

This seems really dope. I cant wait to hear more about this series.

Source: Complex