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Damn Kanye! Back at it again with another historical rant. Seems like every time Mr. West blesses us with a series of tweets its a very relevant and important rant. Today is know different. Kanye has decided to aim his anger towards the competition of streaming services. Check in after the jump for more on Ye’s gems.

By: BreadFox Instagram || Twitter

Kanye is more than famous for his rants. Whether it be via social media, via live concert, via fashion show, or via MTV awards, his rants are nothing short of legendary and catch the eye of everyone under the sun. Today his rants were aimed at Apple Music and passive aggressively Tidal music. In the rant Kanye says that the competition between the two are “fucking up the music game.” Is he right? Ye feels that Apple should stop the flirting and go ahead and give “Jay his check for Tidal now.” He also lets it be known that he needs all the people who can make it happen (Jay Z and the Apple Music staff) in a room together this week. But of course Kanye would not be Kanye if he didn’t get his point across in a hilarious fashion. Check the gallery out to peep the rest of the interesting rant.