This isn’t just a problem in America folks. Take a look at cops (I believe in the UK) clearly abusing this young black teen in open site, while his girlfriend screams for his safety.

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

This legitimately got me upset. We don’t know what happened before the video but YET AGAIN, there is no reason for you as a police officer to be this forceful to someone who is barely, if not at all, resisting arrest. There was literally like three officers on the kid.

His girlfriend, was screaming throughout the entire thing. She flat out said,

“Please record him. He’s a racist! He’s a fucking racist”

She said they were having an argument and somewhere along the lines things escalated once the cops came. Mofos even put a mask on him! -__- Pretty much cutting off his air circulation while he’s pinned to the floor, handcuffed SMFH.