Tensions hit the fan between Keshia Knight Pulliama and Lisa Wu, whom dated and for Keshia is currently dating the same man. Earlier this week, Keshia Knight Pulliam threatened to sue Wu after finding out she was sharing personal information about Ed Hartwell(Keyshia’s current husband, Lisa’s ex-husband). Talk about girl drama.

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As you may have already seen on social media, the two females’ tension has been arising after they took their beef to the media.

Keshia Knight Pulliam has a podcast called “Kandily Kesha”, where she shared some opinion on the relationship and issue she has with Lisa Wu. She states,

the two would never be friends. In fact she said the only thing that connects the two is they will eventually share the same ex husband, and that their children will be siblings.

What seems to have raise this weird tension between the two was when Keshia and Ed Hartwell publically discussed their divorce this past week. A vulnerable time for Keshia.

However, during the time Keshia Knight Pulliam has been sharing her opinion on the matter of her relationship with Lisa, Lisa Wu has been silent. Until now.

In a lengthy Instagram post,Lisa stated:

“I wasn’t going 2say anything but enough is enough! It’s ironic that someone is trying 2 avoid “this” type of media & drama when she has been the one that keeps this going. I have said not 1word about this unfortunate situation. This type of attention & media is beneath her? I can’t tell. I do know who’s writing this humorous satire but it is comical and exhausting at the same time.”