Amber Rose dropped a lot of gems on us during her show. It was recently reported that Rose wants to have another baby by Wiz. When the topic was addressed on her show, Amber had a lot to say. She went to speak on Wiz putting those ‘babies’ on her face. Ooop!

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According to Amber Rose, she was just kidding. She says her show is all comedy and she did not beg Wiz for his sperm .

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Amber says she went to visit her baby father while he was on tour with Snoop.

“This weekend I went to Charlotte, North Carolina to see my baby father perform while he’s on tour with Snoop. And I’m actually still I high. I don’t even smoke, but I’m still high. I’m high as shit. Now you know that we have Sebastian together, and I really, really want another baby. So I asked him for his sperm, like I always do every time I’m around him. And, I’m like, you know, he’ll probably probably give me some more sperm so we can have another baby. But instead, he just put his babies on my face. Thanks, Wiz.”

For all that, these two might as well get back together. Just saying.

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