IFWT_DeMarcus Cousins Draymond joke

If you’ve ever played an organized sport then you know that no one clowns you like your teammates; all in good fun of course.  Draymond Green was having a good ol’ time clowning his Team USA teammates, well mostly Carmelo Anthony on Snapchat.  The tables turned on Green however when he accidentally snapped a dick pic to all followers which then went viral on social media.  Today during practice, the guys went in.

While Green was giving an interview, his teammates including DeMarcus Cousins and Klay Thompson were discussing the situation, and shouting some jokes at Draymond to give him a hard time.

The best part is when Boogie pretends to hold a camera in his hand and says, “Does this remind you of anything?”

Draymond knows these jokes are gonna last for a while…

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