Stephen Curry will be an unrestricted free agent next summer and it’s widely assumed that the Golden State Warriors will give him a massive contract and that’s where he will remain.  NBA Insider Ric Bucher however believes the San Antonio Spurs might make a serious run at the Splash Brother.

There’s a lot riding on how the Warriors will perform this upcoming season as they brought in superstar Kevin Durant.  There’s no doubt that Durant is a huge acquisition but with so many great shooters on the team, there’s speculation that it might be an issue.

Of course plenty of teams want to pry Curry away, hoping that particular situation will happen and cause an issue.  Bleacher Report‘s Ric Bucher, speaking on SiriusXM NBA Radio (audio below), believes the Spurs will push hard to get Curry to join them and their stars Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge.

“I think the Spurs are looking at the fact that Kevin Durant came into Golden State, and that Kevin Durant may take up some of the superstar space that was previously occupied by Steph Curry, and when Steph Curry becomes a free agent, I think they’re gonna go hard at Steph Curry.

I think they’re gonna look at Steph and say ‘they brought in a replacement for you.  We have the perfect combination here.  We have a big guy in LaMarcus Aldridge, we have a small forward in Kawhi Leonard, and you are the next guy.  There’s room for you to fit into our situation, better than the situation you’re in now.’

All this depends on where this Warriors team goes, and I don’t know that it would be enough for Steph to leave, but that’s my sense.  That they’re looking at, it might be a lil crowded in Golden State, and certainly Steph is the kinda guy that would be perfect.. he’d be perfect in any situation, but his temperament, his approach, that’s readymade for the San Antonio Spurs.”

Will every team go after Steph Curry? Yes.

Is the Spurs a long shot? Most likely…

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