Blake Griffin is showing us this week that he has plans for life after basketball. He did a stand up comedy routine last week which was actually pretty damn funny and feels like if he took it serious he could do pretty well. Now we have news of him getting the “Ok” from Fox to produce a animated show loosely based on his own life.


Here are some of the details about the show via Deadline:

In the vein of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Beverly Hillbillies, Okies of Bel Air is the story of a family of humble Oklahoma catfish farmers who, after their basketball prodigy son is chosen first overall in the NBA draft, pack up and move to the tony enclave of Bel Air, where they’ll struggle to preserve their down-home sensibilities amidst a vast cultural wasteland where Kardashian reigns supreme and pressed juice is considered a viable alternative to childhood vaccinations.

That plot loosely follows Blake’s move from Oklahoma to Hollywood after being drafted by the Clippers. He is also scheduled to do voice over work on the show, as long as it doesn’t interfere with his NBA schedule.

There is no air date set yet and at this point it’s not a guarantee the show will ever air but he does have a way of being very entertaining even off the court so I won’t be surprised if we see this on television soon.