Miami Police Commander Emile Hollant apparently won’t receive any charges after giving out false information about the shooting of behavioral therapist Charles Kingsley.

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In a time where the people of Miami were looking for answers after police unjustly shot at a cooperative Charles Kinsley (who had both his hands in the air), the last thing people wanted to hear from the police department were false accounts. That’s exactly what they got from Emile Hollant.

Because of the lies he was suspended, but the real concern was if he was going to get charged for it. The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office Public Corruption Unit didn’t think he should be charged. They thought it was just a “miscommunication”.

“Commander Hollant did not lie and there was no intent to mislead or obstruct investigators or command staff officers regarding his involvement in the police shooting. He was present at the immediate scene before the shooting and after, and his involvement is captured to some degree in police radio transmissions.”