One of the highest selling artists of the new millennium, Shad Moss also known as Bow Wow has announced his retirement from rap this weekend.

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Since the beginning of August, Bow has been on tour in Australia making stops in a few well known cities along with Melbourne and Newcastle. After his performance at Alumbra, an Australian club, he went to social media to break the news to all his fans that he was retiring. So at 29 years old, he’s done with the mic.

We all seen this day coming, especially as a fan. He hasn’t been putting out records as consistently as he once did and hasn’t put a project out in years. He had a short stint with Cash Money that didn’t really produce anything either. He signed to Bad Boy for management and even linked up with Jermaine Dupree again. As you could remember the two were notorious for hit’s in the early and mid 2000s.

“Me and Jermaine, we are just at point where we just work,” he said of their chemistry to BET.com. “We just work. If it’s hot, we putting it out and we going with it. We just riding the wave. If we gotta put out one, we will. We ain’t hesitant to do that, but we ain’t in a rush to do it neither. We want to have some fun with the music. Get out here, put these records out for the people and go out here and do what we gotta do. And build this ship up. That’s when we want to do.”

You could see that his heart nor mind was into the game anymore. Hosting 106 & Park was a start and then being on the show CSI Cyber on a major network.

He’s still set to drop an Album with Snoop Dogg titled “Nylth”. So he’s not officially retired until he drops that album. Either way, it has been an amazing run and as a fan I just want to say thank you for everything.