WWE and UFC have been closely linked with stars from each crossing over to the other.  WWE star Brock Lesnar recently won his UFC match but two of his tests came back positive for a banned substance.  UFC star Conor McGregor was on a promotional call for UFC 202 and was asked if he would ever crossover, but his opinion on the wrestlers got everyone fired up.

McGregor said most of the wrestlers from the WWE are “p-ssies” and it’s show business while the UFC is the real fight business.

Well the WWE stars weren’t having it and fired back.  Ric Flair went on in McGregor, saying Conor copied his persona and he dares him to fight Lesnar or Dolph Ziggler after Diaz beats him again.

McGregor took to his Twitter account saying he meant no disrespect to the WWE fans but he’d still slap the head off their entire roster.

Roman Reigns, Kurt Angle and Big E had some words for the tough talking UFC fighter.

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