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Manny Pacquiao’s retirement only lasted a couple months as his next fight is already set up.  Unlike Money Mayweather, Pacquiao says he has to continue fighting because he needs the money.

The fight is not against Adrien Broner, the bout is Manny Pacquiao vs. Jessie Vargas and it’s set for November of this year.

Pacquaio retired to focus on his political career and he was elected to the Senate of the Philippines in May but he says the pay is not enough.

“Boxing is my main source of income. I can’t rely on my salary as a public official,” said Pacquiao.  “I’m helping the family of my wife and my own family, as well. Many people also come to me to ask for help.”

It’s no secret that Pacquiao has a huge entourage and takes care of many people in the Philippines.  His generosity has left him with money troubles for many years.  The huge payday that he received from the Mayweather fight has already dwindled according to sources.

Obviously Pacquiao needs to do better with his finances.  At 37-years old he’s not the fighter he used to be and can expose himself to real damage.

Filipino boxing pundit Ronnie Nathanielsz has warned that fighting 27-year-old WBO champion Vargas is “dangerous” for Pacquiao.

Pacquiao’s manager Michael Koncz confirmed that a promotional tour for the fight would be held from 8-10 September in Los Angeles, USA but a venue for the fight is yet to be announced.

Pacquiao said he would return to the Philippines straight after promoting the fight to fulfil his political duties.

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source: BBC