IFWT_JR Smith wife Jewel

After winning an NBA championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers, J.R. Smith fulfilled his promise and tied the knot with Jewel Harris, his longtime girlfriend and mother of his daughters.

Smith got married in a ceremony outside of New York City in New Jersey, near his childhood home.  Harris is the mother of his two daughters, Demi and Peyton, and the wedding was attended by several Cavs personnel – including general manager David Griffin and starting center Tristan Thompson, and Smith’s agent Rich Paul.  LeBron James is on vacation in Italy.

“Ever since I got back with my wife, Jewel, last year and proposed to her in August, things started going uphill slowly but surely,” Smith said in an interview for a feature story about him on the players’ union’s website.

“Before I was doing so much thinking; now it’s just reacting,” Smith said. “So it’s just taking stuff as things come and realizing what’s more important between her and my girls, Demi and Peyton, as opposed to everything else.”

“A lot has changed for me mentally and materially,” said Smith. “I used to in the summertime spend so much money doing a lot of fun stuff. Now, I’m actually consciously trying to save, so we can live how we want to live after basketball. I’ve even sold a few things.”

The change in Smith was noticed by many when he joined the Cavaliers.  He stopped partying and drinking as often; he seemed focus on his job and family.  Some people attributed the change to his location, saying Cleveland is boring, but obviously Smith himself realized that he needed to change.  He did it for himself and his family, as he should.

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