ifwt_OlympicGymnasts2016 2

I cannot even fathom that this was an actual discussion on TELEVISION…with all of the topics available…makeup on female athletes…what is the world coming to?

Yes, I am writing about it because I’m completely taken aback by the topic first, and then the statement made by one of Tamara Holder’s guests. COMMENTATOR Mark Simone. Anything that Bo Dietl has to say is cow manure at the least (IMO), he’s like the comedy relief at every interview or discussion that he’s a part of. He never offers anything of substance. But back to Mark. This was his opening statement…OPENING…

“The whole reason for the Olympics, the reason to get there is product endorsements…”

Um, are we talking about the freaking Olympics?!? What happened to athletes busting their asses to be at the top of their game? Taking their bodies to the brink of breaking…and some of them actually breaking, look at poor Samir Ait Said and Jaime Nieto. I mean, of course the endorsements are a bonus, but are they the WHOLE reason?

Ok, back to the makeup thing…can we be a little more sexist? It’s stupid. So I need to stop sweating and go slather on some foundation to make YOU feel more comfortable? Really? Kiss my grits. Oh Fox, you rarely surprise.