Stevie J is saying Joseline Hernandez is a straight up liar! The judge however, did not feel as thought the alleged lies were fabricated enough to issue a restraining order against her.

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Stevie says Joseline lied about everything down to her age. In his documents, Stevie says Joseline’s real name is Shenellica Juneann Bettencourt, She is not 29, she is 39, and that she is not even from Puerto Rico. What in the hell. It gets deeper though. Stevie says Joseline may even still be married to someone else. He is also doubting the baby she is carrying is his.

Stevie says he wants Joseline to leave his family alone and stop talking about them. He says he is going to let the DNA decide who’s baby Joseline is carrying. He says he wishes her the best and that he has nothing to say to her.

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