Tensions got really high in Milwaukee literally hours after Sylville Smith was shot by Milwaukee Police. Protests turned into riots, riots turned into burning down businesses. That same night a news reporter talked to the victim’s brother and he had some powerful words he wanted America, especially police officers, to hear.

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“This is what you get out of you taking a loved one from someone. This is what you get. You get a lot of people that’s hurt and they can’t vent the right way.”

These are words from his brother, as smoke and fire from a business in Milwaukee glistens in the background of the interview. And thats exactly what happened. People vented the “wrong way”. Aside from burning things down, there was also a group of people hunting down white folks to beat them up.

Exhibit A:

Gun shots went off and everything smh. Its a sad sight to see really but like Smiths brother said

“If we don’t have anyone to protect us, then this is what you get. You get riots. You got people out here going crazy.”

Check out his full statement below, powerful stuff.