This video is truly hard to watch. Footage has now been released of LAPD officers laughing at a man who dies while in their custody.

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56-year-old Vachel Howard was arrested on June 4, 2012 after her got caught driving under the influence. In the video we see the officers bringing him in and shackling him to the bench. Howard begins to get agitated as he starts to scream and shout when left alone. The officers come and unshackle him taking him to a nurse located inside of the dispensary. Howard and the officers get into it when one of the officers say he was almost bitten by Howard. The officers then put Howard in a chokehold but we can see his body becomes unresponsive as the officers who stand around laugh and kee-kee. Moments later can see Howard’s body flat out lifeless as the officers turn him around. The officers try to recessitate him but it is clearly too late. So sad! What makes this story even sadder is that Howard’s cause of death was the chokehold he was put in by ‘Officer Romero.’ The officers punishment? A 22-day suspension.

Source: WSHH