James Harrison has agreed to speak with interviewers from the NFL office but not before firing shots at Roger Goodell. The league had previously threatened to suspend Harrison and a few other players if they didn’t come in before August 25th to answer questions about PED’s. In December of 2015, Al-Jazeera America reported that Harrison, along with Peyton Manning, Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and others had taken PED’s but their primary source, a man named Charlie Sly, recanted his comments almost immediately. Manning already spoke with officials and was cleared of any wrong doing but the other players were not. They didn’t feel they needed to cooperate just because a news station accused them with no actual evidence. Harrison finally agreed to talk but not because he wanted to.


Harrison maintains he has never used PEDs and is interviewing because he wants to play this year, not make the league happy.

“If it went to a longer situation and I got the suspension, the bigger outcome wasn’t really worth it,” Harrison said. “I wouldn’t be on the team. I’d hurt the team, hurt my teammates and coaches.”

Harrison proposed to meet with investigators on August 30th, five days after their deadline. The league has not commented on that proposal just yet but Harrison also wants the interview to happen in Pittsburgh at the team facility, rather than in New York.

“If it leads to the hands of that crook, I mean Roger Goodell, he can do whatever he wants,” said Harrison, who wants to broadcast his interview for transparency.

“That’s just the collective bargaining agreement that the players signed [in 2011].”

“I’ve been prosecuted, persecuted in the media by them, for something I didn’t do,” Harrison said. “I don’t see why we couldn’t have the media there [at the interview], do it live.”

Harrison has previously referred to Goodell as a “dictator” and “puppet” so this should be interesting.