The KODE57 is one of the rarest cars in the world with only five being made and Floyd Mayweather is the lucky owner of one of them. The car had been surrounded in mystery until it was just revealed today at an exclusive car show in Pebble Beach, California. According to Floyd’s car guy he has his order placed and it came with a price tag of $2.5 million dollars.


Floyd’s car guy, Obi Okeke from DoctorBugatti.com and Liquidtorque.com, who confirmed the order.

“This is a car Floyd has been highly interested in and psyched about getting.”

“I have been working on this project for 6 years and Floyd has been my main target in getting this car … so he is pretty excited in finally seeing it and getting it.”

According to Obeke, there are only five of these made and the one he ordered for Floyd will be the only one in North or South America.

Check the gallery to see what $2.5 million gets you.