The Roots took a great opportunity in making songs on a beer that does something pretty interesting to the 5 human senses, according to some people. It’ll make you hope that they’ll make more versions. Take a look at what they cooked up, honoring the brand of Stella Artois at a popular dinner event.

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

The Roots performed the Side A and Side B versions of the song “Bittersweet” at the Stella Artois dinner series “Le Savoir”, which translates to “the knowledge”.

Researcher Charles Spenser of Oxford claimed that there are connections between the 5 senses (hearing, vision, touch, taste and smell). This is known as “crossmodal correspondences,” which inspired The Roots to make different versions of Bittersweet. I guess Stella has that crossmodal effect on a lot of people.

Here’s what Questlove had to say about the song and the beer,

“This project fuses two of our passions: music and food. As someone who loves to experiment in the studio and in the kitchen, this crazy unique collaboration inspired by Stella Artois was the perfect challenge. You really have to try it to believe it; it will change your perceptions of food, science and entertainment.”

A music video is set to be released soon, be on the look out for that.