Video footage from a police officers body cam showing a man being fatally shot by police has been released. In the video Tahlequah, Tennessee police officers are in the home of a man and appear to be responding to a complaint from the ex wife of the suspect. In the video the officers are following the man into what appears to be a garage. The man ends up picking up a hammer. The altercation ended with the man being fatally shot to death by the responding police officers on camera. Check in after the jump for the video. Warning, the video is very graphic.

By: Breadfox: Instagram || Twitter

The video starts with the owner of the house, the ex wife to the suspect, making a 9-1-1 call. The video then shows the man being followed into the garage by officers. Once in the garage the man grabs a hammer. The officers repeatedly tell the man to drop the weapon. The man refuses and keeps the hammer at shoulder level. After about 15 seconds the officers open fire, first wounding, then fatally killing the man. The police chief is quoted as saying that the man said “Someone is going to die tonight”. He says this caused the responding officers to fear for the life and because of that the officers actions were not only justified but necessary. The chief also said:

“A reasonable officer would have sensed a clear and present danger to them and to their other officers,”

Check out the video below and weigh in on what you think about the officer and suspects actions. Again, please be aware that the video is very Graphic. – Breadfox

Source: WSHH