Drake still swinging. Drake and Meek Mills rap beef is sure to be etched into Hip Hop history. The beef that started over the infamous ghost writer Quinton Miller still nearly a year later still has a flame. More fuel has been added to the fire as of last night when Drake took some shots at rapper Meek Mill during a performance at DC calling the rapper a “P*ssy”. Check in for more on the story after the jump.

By: Breadfox: Instagram || Twitter
Drake turned the entire arena upside down yesterday at his show in DC. The crowd was especially lit when he played his Grammy nominated hit single diss track “Back to Back”. The track is viewed by many as the solidifying nail to Meek’s coffin. However Drake being Drake he changed the lyrics a tad bit to increase the sting of the bite that the song brings. The initial bars of the song:

“Damn tell that man to ease up, I did another one, I did another one. You still aint do shit about the other one”.

However during the performance he rapped:

“Damn tell that man to ease up, I did another one, I did another one. That PUSSY still ain’t do shit about the other one”.

Now i know some of y’all might think whats the big deal. But alot of people don’t take being called “Pussy” too lightly. And from what we know about Meek, homie don’t seem like the type to take that too sweet either. With Drake performing in Philly tomorrow night, I’m sure more updates on this story are sure to come. Till then peep the video below and weigh in. Breadfox out.

#drake really popping that shit.. Does he have the rap game shook? Or nah? HE IN PHILLY TOMORROW!!!! Via @worldstar

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