Shawna Giacomini, a North Carolina tourist, witnessed the alligator roaming around the Disney resort are before 2-year-old Lane Graves was attacked. The woman says she and her 2 daughters were at the beach around 8:15pm when the alligator was spotted.

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The girls saw the 5 feet from the shore, near the marsh. The oldest daughter went to report the Alligator to the Walt Disney World AV/Movie Coordinator. The mother and two children went to the store around 9 PM. When they returned, the boy had already been attacked. Reports say that Lane went to the water with his father with his pail ready to play. The father then saw a splash and realized the Alligator had his son’s head locked between his jaw. The father tried to get the gator’s mouth open but it was not a success. The cause of Lane’s death was cranio-cervical trauma and drowning.

Source: TMZ