LeBron James raised quite a few eyebrows when he said he was chasing the ghost of a guy that played in Chicago, Michael Jordan.  Many people reacted negatively towards the comment and now James is explaining exactly what he means by it during an appearance on Sunday Conversation with Rachel Nichols.

via BallisLife:

“That’s my personal inspiration. That’s what drives me. I’m chasing that greatness. That how great that ghost was. Everyone is like ‘he’s trying to talk down on MJ, be better than MJ.’ That’s always been my goal since I got in the NBA. When I was 18 years old I told everyone that my favorite player was Michael Jordan. Hopefully I can get to that.”

Michael Jordan is still considered the greatest of all time.  LeBron has achieved a lot in his career but he knows people think he has to get six rings like MJ to be in the conversation.

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