Dammm…well I guess it’s perfect timing since Mac’s album is about to drop lol. Good for them.

Frankie Zing

TMZ cameras caught exclusive pics of the two hooking up over a sushi date at Katsu-Ya in Encino Sunday night, where apparently they seemed hot and heavy throughout the night – Arian even laying on his lap. Sources confirmed to TMZ they are dating, although previously Mac stated a bunch of times she’s just a homie. Homie no more.

And if you don’t know, they do have a history before Ari was dating Big Sean. Mac was on her first hit single in 2013, “The Way”, where the two made out at the end of the video and they seemed like they were more then just “homies” lol. Mac’s new album “The Divine Feminine” drops September 16…

Is Ariana Grande the divine one? Photo in the gallery above.