HUF x Ty Dolla $ign

Ty Dolla $ign just dropped off his next single for his upcoming “Campaign” album just now. He also released the tracklist which is 16 songs long and will be released September 23rd. Listen to “Zaddy” below by downloading the Funk Flex App for iOS & Android below for free. Also, check out the tracklist and iTunes pre-order below too.

1. “$Intro”
2. “$”
3. “Campaign” (Feat. Future)
4. “$$$” (Where)
5. “3 Wayz”
6. “Juice”
7. “Zaddy”
8. “Hello”
9. “R&B”
10. “Stealing”
11. “Clean”
12. “My Song”
13. “Pu$$y”
14. “No Justice” (Feat. Big TC)
15. “Watching”
16. “Campaign” (Feat. Future) (Charlie Heat Remix)

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Ryan Flannery (Twitter:@Flannery15)