Today marks 15 years since Aaliyah was taken from us. Missy Elliot who had a super close relationship to the singer, reflects on Aaliyah and how much she misses her.

Kayy: Instagram || Twitter

Missy took to Instagram to say,

missymisdemeanorelliott#Aaliyah 15 years later to me feels like just yesterday.. I can still hear your laughter? I can clearly see us dancing in the studio me u @timbaland @ginuwine Magoo the whole clique we miss u so much there’s not a day u aren’t thought of! I look around and see u are still inspiring new generations musically and style! Although there can never be another u it warms my heart to see kids who never got a chance to see your greatness love u now because of your undeniable Catalogue of classic hits u have shared with the World ❤️ love u your Legacy will 4 ever Live & u will NEVER BE 4gotten?? I have nothing but Legends painted on my wall in my house & Aaliyah u are painted there more than once! U are LEGENDARY 4EVER!#Babygirl #Sleeppeacefully

Rest in Peace Aaliyah.

Source: IG