Tuh! So a woman called for help. Her tragedy? She had been abused by her fiance. But her claims weren’t exactly true. In fact it was a straight up lie! Her fiancee must be thankful for cameras cause it likely saved him some jail time. Check out the video after the jump.

By: Breadfox Instagram || Twitter

Its sad cause many of women go unheard when it comes to domestic abuse cases. The reason? Incidences like this. Allegedly a women claimed she was abused by her fiance. Visual marks and bruises surely gave validity to her claims. As in most cases of domestic violence its a he said she said type of thing. Luckily this case was different. There was a surveillance camera which caught the whole ordeal. In the video you can see the woman physically abusing herself. This is the type of thing that throws clouds on domestic violence cases. Shame on this lady. Check out the video below.

Source: WSHH