Much like an incident at JFK airport in NYC earlier this month, reports of an active shooter at Los Angeles’ LAX airport last night turned out to be a false alarm.

The popular airport was temporarily shut down and evacuated last night around 9pm PST, after several loud noises were heard inside, leading patrons to think it was gunfire. Several videos were shared on social media of what can only be described as a chaotic scene, with people running as fast as they can with their huge luggage, and tons of suitcases left behind as people just said “f it” and tried to run for safety.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

The LAPD kept the public abreast via social media, confirming they were indeed investigating reports of an active shooter, but then revealing that they were proven to only be loud noises. Operations are back to normal this morning, though there may be temporary delays as a result of last night’s issues.