Police have found their way to Chris Brown yet again. Chris was in his home with few friends, including his boy Ray J, when some uninvited guest showed up. The guest included one man who was invited but two females who were not. The woman were asked to leave. One of the women filed a police report stating Chris Brown pulled a gun out on her.

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Sources claim Chris Brown will soon be arrested. His Attorney has just shown up to his home. His entourage has began to file out of the home. Cops have been checking them for weapons. Police are still holding a press conference in front of Chris’s driveway.


Police have just retrieved a gun and other drugs and weapons from Brown’s home. Chris threw a duffle bag out of the window as he taunted cops saying “Come and get me.” Police are still in the process of trying to get a search warrant on Brown’s home. Sources say there was drugs in the duffel that Brown threw from his window.

Live footage from outside of Chris Brown's home.

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Someone who was inside the home says Chris was asleep the whole time. Chris has actually taken to social media saying he woke up with SWAT in front of his home for no reason. He says he is completely innocent and tired of all the BS.

Ray J attempted to leave the home but was stopped by police and handcuffed. They also seized his BMW. The cops checked his ID, un-cuffed him, and let him go but kept his car for evidence leaving him to Uber home. The woman claims that she and Chris got into an argument when he drew out the gun.

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