Yall may not remember old head Andre Rison, but in the 90s, he was hot…even fiance to rising star of the group TLC’s Left Eye. Welp, dude is a high school coach delinquent with child support payments and had a warrant issued for his arrest these days.

Though he is behind over $300,000 in payments as of 2012 and also tested positive for marijuana several times…the judge saw fit to simply slap the 1989 first round draft pick on his wrist and send him off with a warning (see…it happens every once in a while).

Rison told the judge “it just got tough” making the payments while continuing to support the four daughters who lived with him.

So yeah, back in 94, he and Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes were deep into their relationship when suddenly she burned down his damned house…lol. The truth took a while to come to light, but eventually, we heard directly from Lisa her rendition of what took place. It wasn’t funny then, but it is a little comical now. She was not playin with his behind. I guarantee he learned something from that relationship. RIP Lisa.

Back to this week though, Rison’s NFL pension will be garnished to the tune of $922 monthly leaving $78 for him to make up on his own. Let’s hope can pull it together, if nothing else, for the sake of his kids.

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