Baylee Curran definitely wants the world to hear her story as she’s already spoke with TMZ, ABC 7 in California, and now Entertainment Tonight. She sheds more light on the alleged incident below.

Frankie Zing

Curran tells of what happened when she was admiring a cross necklace in the house and then was ordered to “get back outside”

“I went into the backyard and then, when I came back into the house, there was a new male in the home and he was showcasing these diamond bracelets and watches and diamond necklaces,” Curran explains. “At that point, Chris’ friend — and I don’t know who he was to Chris — saw me looking at them and got a little wary, I guess? Sort of cursing and screaming at me and calling me names saying ‘Get the f**k away from the diamonds. Get the f**k back outside.’”

Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos also proclaimed his client’s innocence on Twitter, by saying the accusations against him are “demonstrably false” (pic in the gallery above). See the full interview below and what do you think of all this?