Surprise, surprise. The claim ONLY made by TMZ that was sketchy from the start turns out to be a lie. LAPD did not find any drugs or guns in Chris Brown’s home, nor the piece of jewelry described by the dethroned beauty queen, Baylee Curran.

“It has become apparent that the allegations are not just false but fabricated,” Chris’ longtime lawyer, Mark Geragos, told the LA Times, while revealing the results of their investigation turned up nothing.

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Police are currently reviewing footage from the security camera system in Chris home, and Geragos says Chris has been “fully cooperating” with the investigation. Though he was briefly arrested on Tuesday night, he has not been charged and his arraignment is scheduled for September 20.

TMZ initially reported that “guns and drugs” were retrieved from Chris’ house during the “stand-off” with police, saying that their “police sources” revealed that Chris had thrown a duffel bag containing those items out of his window while they were outside. This made ZERO sense for so many reasons. Why would he do that when he was safely inside of his home? How could cops have retrieved said duffel bag if they weren’t allowed past the gate at the END of the driveway? How did the public not see this when the entire ordeal was being streamed live for the world to see ALL day?

Chris is no angel, but he needs to sue the crap out of TMZ!