USC linebackers Osa Chad Masina and Don Hill have been named as having allegedly raped a woman back in July and may have snapchatted the footage of said rape to her ex-boyfriend, a University of Arizona football player. Keep reading for more.

So. Let me first be clear that I do not condone any level of abuse or advantage being taken of anyone…man, woman, or child. Seriously though, at what point do you have to be responsible for your actions. No. Wearing a short skirt does not give anyone the right to grope you, rape you, or look at you as a sexual object, but depending on where you go, what is your goal? No, smoking weed with a friend and getting drunk should not be an open invitation for someone to take advantage of you. Buuuut if you did it once, and something not-so-kosher happened…and the people you are with aren’t really friends…why in God’s name would you do it again?
On to the story.

A young woman alleges that she may have been raped by the two aforementioned USC linebackers. The first incident occurred on July 14th at Don Hill’s apartment in LA. She had been drinking all day, Masina gave her two Xanex, and she was smoking weed after a pool party.

The next thing the victim recalls is having sex with Osa Chad Masina…The woman claims she remembers Masina “holding her head and putting her mouth on his penis” while Hill had vaginal sex with her. The woman says she later learned Masina had taken videos and pictures of them having sex without her knowledge and/or consent … and Snapchatted them to her ex-boyfriend. FYI — the woman’s ex-boyfriend is a football player at the University of Arizona.

After this…she went back for more!!!! July 26th in Utah…she was yet again drinking and smoking weed…

The woman claims she passed out and awoke to see him on top of her, engaging in anal sex with her. She also says he forced oral sex.
The woman says she woke up the next morning in pain and went to police, and a rape kit was administered.

So…my question…why in the world would you go back after that? SMH…I’m sure lots of questions are on the minds of many. The biggest question that I have is why would USC suspend Masina but not Hill? Hmmmm…sounds like they may know something. #IJS

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