The Dallas Mavericks apparently hold an NBA 101 class specifically for women annually. This year though…Twitter flipped out regarding the sexist title.

I mean, most classes that teach you something that you don’t know are 101, right? I really cannot see how it’s sexist. The tweet was stupid, but sexist? Is a Cooking 101 class for men sexist? Eh…it is what it is. Mark says he’s not changing it.

NBA 101 Experience

NBA 101 for women is an annual event hosted by Mavs players, coaches and staff. It’s an opportunity for women to learn and understand the fundamentals of basketball in a fun, light and interactive atmosphere.

This women-only event, held at American Airlines Center practice court and locker room, provides basic instruction on topics including offensive and defensive sets, coaching strategy, as well as a Q&A session with a player and behind the scenes information about workouts and life on the road.

Get the inside scoop on the Mavs, learn about the game of basketball, and meet some of the Mavs coaches, staff, and players

Also included? Dinner, two tickets to a game, Q&A in the locker room with a player, a facilities tour…I mean, who wouldn’t want to do this? NBA 101s all around!!!!

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