Yes, he really did just say that. Check out his reasons why.

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Clams and Lil B go way back. He claims they first worked together in 2008 when Lil B contacted him via one of his 100 MySpace pages. And “What’s My Name” became the first song they worked on. Because of how Lil B came into the industry Clams says,

“He’s the most important artist of the internet age. All the kids that are coming up now are doing things on their own and not really caring. A lot of that comes from him in how people use the internet. He’s inspired a whole generation doing that.”

Since then, they’ve both gotten some limelight and have seen each other success in their own respective paths. Clams Casino said,

“It feels like we’ve been watching each other in parallel. I’ve been watching him since then and he’s inspired me as well. It’s cool watching and being a part of that in branching out in our own different ways.”

Now they’ve rekindled as they are planning on touring together for five days in different cities. Lil B was even on 4 of the 12 songs that Casino has on his debut album “32 Levels”.