This whole thing of Tim Tebow trying to be a baseball player at age 29 is a joke but apparently a couple teams aren’t laughing. Despite the fact he hasn’t played since his junior year of high school and had a tryout last week for most teams that left much to be desired with his skills, the Atlanta Braves are reportedly interested enough to possibly make him an offer.


There were a total of five teams that asked to speak with Tebow one-on-one after his tryout session last week but the Braves seem to have the most interest and as far as geography goes, it somewhat makes sense, even if he is garbage.

Being that Georgia is not far from Florida and it’s right smack in the middle of SEC football country, having Tebow around would only be a plus for Braves minor league teams when it comes to selling some jerseys with his name on it and ticket sales to any possible games should they in fact make him an offer.

Personally I still think this is all a bad joke and an example of the privilege Tebow continues to undeservedly receive as an athlete. He proved numerous times he sucked as a quarterback, yet he kept getting chances to prove himself that most players never would’ve gotten. Now the fact he is 29 years old and hasn’t played baseball in 11 years and has below average skills but was able to attract attention from basically every major league team is a slap in the face to real players who are actually skilled and grinding but don’t happen to have Tebow as a last name.