Sam Bradford is damn sure not worth a 1st round pick but the Minnesota Vikings are desperate after losing Teddy Bridgewater for the season with a torn ACL. Bradford, who requested to be traded when the Eagles drafted quarterback, Carson Wentz with the #2 overall pick, will finally get his wish, although by now he had gotten comfortable with staying in Philly and being the starter.


Bradford will start for the Vikings right away, despite not having much time to learn their offense before the season starts next week. The Vikings actually gave up a 1st round and 4th round pick to get Bradford, which is a very steep price for a qb of his caliber but they really had no choice. Looking around the league at QB’s who could potentially have stepped in and took over for the Vikings, none of them are as good as Bradford, so at least they got that part right, although that’s not saying too much.

Bradford will likely only be in Minnesota for one season but it works out better for him as well. In Philly, he could’ve been benched anytime the team felt they wanted to move to rookie Carson Wentz but in Minnesota there will be no threat of someone else to take Bradford’s position away. He will be able to give himself a chance to get a nice deal somewhere else next year, while helping the Vikings salvage their playoff expectations for this season without Bridgewater.