Tyga’s beloved Ferrari that was reportedly repossessed last week, has been returned to him but the story is wayyy confusing. Give yourself a go at it and try to figure out this trickery.

Frankie Zing

Ok so a customer leased the Ferrari, but the model he did is so rare, he could only do it if he bought another car from the dealership that wouldn’t be on the market for another six months. The customer made a deal with Tyga to take the Ferrari and make the lease payments until the other car became available, and then he would return it to it’s rightful owner.

The guy who leased the car relied on another guy who relied on someone else to make the down payment, but the middle man kept the cash. The Ferrari dealership wasn’t too fond of what was going on and forced the man who signed the lease on the rare Rari, to put a down payment to which the guy had to have Tyga do it. Tyga supposedly did pay the down payment to the “middle man”, but the money never got to the dealership. So, the guy who leased the car in his name had enough and found Tyga and Kylie last week to repo the car himself, until Tyga’s lawyer stepped in and threatened the guy with only God knows what. Rari returned to Tyga. Make sense ? I didn’t think so lol.