IFWT_Brock Turner

Brock Turner may have been happy for a very lenient sentence for his sexual assault, and even happier to have gotten out early, doing three months instead of six, but that made him a national figure for all the wrong reasons.  Though he didn’t have to pay with jail time, he’s known all over the country as a rapist and his neighbors decided to act out their own punishment.

Turner registered as a sex offender, which is part of his punishment for sexual assault.  The registration was filed in Greene County, Ohio near his parents’ home in Bellbrook.  Turner does not list any schools or jobs under the “Other Known Addresses” tab. He’ll be required to add the info if he goes to school or gets a job.

Turner also had to fill out a questionnaire (here) as part of his sex offender registration process.  The Greene County Sheriff sends notification to Turner’s neighbors, which details the sexual assault.

Photos in gallery above.

Soon after Turner returned home, the wraith in his Bellbrook community surfaced, in the form of an egging.

The Sugarcreek Township Police Department did a house check on Brock’s parents’ home late Monday night and discovered it had been egged with at least a carton.  According to the incident report obtained by TMZ, officers found broken eggs and an egg carton on the sidewalk, in front of Brock’s residence.

If that’s all that happens, he should consider himself lucky, well until he gets a job and/or goes back to college.  He was a swimmer at Stanford but he can’t go back to the prestigious school.  A community college in his town is reportedly willing to admit him.

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