The new wave of young rappers are really creating some commotion in the hip-hop community. Because of their age, many of them did not come up on the “classics” of the genre, like your Biggie’s and your Pac’s and your Gang Starr’s and Pete Rock’s and KRS One’s and Mobb Deep’s and the list goes on and on. And though some of the last wave of rappers may not have come up on those artists either (like Wiz, Cole, Sean, etc.), they’ve always paid homage and went back to do their research. This generation has proudly declared that they have no interest in doing that, however, and it has some people quite upset.

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After Pete Rock spoke out against “mumble rappers” earlier in the week (he named Lil Yachty and Young Dolph as two examples,) Ab-Soul has some words to say as well. Taking to Twitter, the TDE rapper (who I’d classify in the class that came in with Wiz, Cole, etc.,) wrote:

“All these new “lil” niggaz is weak as the time it took to create earth… We don’t pass on PRIMO beats in this sport kids! Hip Hop = Intelligent Movement#DWTW”

Between the “lil” mention and the Premier reference, it’s pretty obvious he’s talking about Lil Uzi Vert, who declined to rap on Gang Starr’s “Mass Appeal” beat when he visited Hot 97 earlier this year. He may also be referring to Yachty, who has been very vocal about not wanting to pay homage.

Uzi has yet to respond, but we’ll keep you posted if he does! Whose side are you in this newbies vs. vets divide?