The careers of Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant will forever be connected and they both played major roles in each others greatness. Sure they have had their personal issues on occasion over the years but all that is in the past. Kobe took to his Instagram account yesterday to congratulate the big fella on his induction and in about five years I’m sure Shaq will be doing the same to Kobe.


Kobe & Shaq won three championships together and had their legacies cemented with the help of each other. That bond has helped them come full circle as grown men and appreciate what the other meant to their career.

O’Neal will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame on Friday as part of a class that includes Allen Iverson, Michigan State coach Tom Izzo and former Houston Rockets center Yao Ming.

On Thursday night, Bryant took to his personal Instagram page to congratulate O’Neal, calling him the “most dominant big man of all time” and his induction “beyond deserved.”

Check the gallery to see Kobe’s picture. We will likely never see a guard/big man combo as great as they were together ever again.