Byron “Big Naz” Williams says the last time he and Shady were around each other they had their hands on their guns…

Frankie Zing

Big Naz gives the exclusive to Murder Master Music show:

“The last time that I seen Em, we both had our hands on our weapons. That’s the last time I seen him. We had our hands on our guns man! O.K. Corral, man! That’s how the relationship ended with Em and I, we had our hands on our guns. And you know what’s funny? That was the same gun that I took Eminem to go get registered. In fact, he didn’t have any cash on him at the time and I paid for the gun to be registered.

“It was about the money. What ended up happening is it started off as a misunderstanding and it ended up being about money after a resignation and that’s when things got ugly.”