Late Thursday night, Desiigner was arrested in NYC after a motorist called 911 and said they’d gotten into a road rage altercation, and the “Panda” rapper waved a loaded gun at them. Cops had pulled his SUV over minutes after receiving the call, and upon finding pills in the car, charged him with felony possession, felony possession with intent to sell, felony criminal possession of a loaded weapon and menacing. (All 5 car passengers were charged with the first two, just Desiigner got the latter two.)

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The next day, Desiigner was released and the felony criminal possession of a loaded weapon was dropped because no weapon was ever found. The intent to sell charge was dropped as well, but the felony possession and menacing charges remained. The pills found were originally reported by NYPD to be OxyContin, methadone and steroids – but they’ve now been discovered to ONLY be steroids, and they ALL have legal prescriptions for the driver only. How the possession charge is still holding up for Desiigner is crazy, but it will likely be dropped when he goes to court for this next month.

The menacing charge will likely be dropped as well, because it was based on him waving a loaded gun – something that clearly didn’t happen. This whole thing is so wrong. Putting this man through the ringer for doing pretty much nothing!

Source: TMZ