Ok so apparently Fameolous posted a message from a girl claiming to be messing with Iman Shumpert.  The woman says she’s been with him for over two years, and has the addresses and alarm codes to his homes.  She also says he has a separate secret Snapchat aside from the one shared with Teyana, and his trainer Adam Taylor is the person who helps him cheat.  Soon after this story was released, another woman came forward!

This woman says she’s Iman’s “day 1,” and they’ve been together for eight years, since they were 18; he was her “college sweetheart.”  She says they briefly stopped messing around while Teyana was pregnant.  The woman went back and forth with Fameolous trying to make it clear that she’s not a “random thot” and they have history blah, blah, blah, you can read all that mess over there.

She says Iman gave his best friend Bianca money to give to her to get an abortion.  She also released a couple text messages.

Whenever a couple is considered “#RelationshipGoals, stuff like this always comes out.  I do have one piece of advice, stop looking to celebrities you don’t know.

Photos from both women in gallery above.

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